new skin set "plague doctor set"

so i came up with this idea a couple hours ago and i would like to share it plague doctor skin set which contains - plague doctor Azir. Azir because i think it would fit him pretty well, i mean the mask of a plague doctor fits Azir so i though it would work - plague doctor Teemo, because its Teemo and i know riot thinks about the money so Teemo would fit in and its probably going to make a lot of money and his ultimate could be some world war land mines - plague doctor singed, singed because it fits him really well because of all that poison he has - plague doctor Shaco, i like this one the most because you may think it doesn't fit him at all but it really does, let me explain, his w can be a crow that when its activated the crow would start to move his wings and shot like crazy, his q would make a cloud of dark smoke and crows flying everywhere, his e would be a vaccine that Shaco throws to an enemy i hope riot makes this skins real, and i would mind at all but i would like to get the Shaco and the Azir one for free :v
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