Champion Mastery "Mastery" (Prestige Mode)

Hi guys Butterfingers here. Ever since it was announced, I was really excited for Champion Mastery. As of this moment I have saved 18k IP so that I can buy the coins to get blue essences. Here is my concept on (hopefully) improving that. - The Assets for the mastery have been out for over a year now, and unfortunately I have been disappointed that we've had a series of progressive updates rather than it be treated like an event. But alas, the thing i want to show and explain today is the _not uncommon idea_ of Prestige and how it "Fixes" a complaint with the system. - _Its too easy to get. _ I'm pretty anti-elitist when it comes to these things. Skill is relative, so i don't think mastery should be tied to MMR, but a dedicated enough player can grind out the games in a few days and that's what i want to address. Simply, when a player reaches LV7, they will keep their blue banner but will have to repeat the steps required to get to blue border again. When they do, they will amass a star. When the player does this 6 times (0-1-2-3-4-5) They will be awarded the master tier banner + emote for that champion. - - - - - - - - - - - -

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