Aatrox Rework Suggestion

Hi everyone! So some of you might remember me from the rework suggestion for Quinn back before season 6 and the champion concepts for Hardin the shadow gunslinger and Dorahal, the reaper of the void. I have seen Riot talking about their intention to give Aatrox a full gameplay update and since I rly like this champion's style and play him every now and then, and have been for the last 2 years or so, I decided to put some creativity into it :) The idea in this concept is to turn Aatrox from a drain tank who builds damage and dives in while relying on healing to stay alive, a concept that Riot declared a failure is it makes him a very feast-or-famine champion, into a real diver who is all about turning the field of battle into a violent bloody massacre. He still heals, but for much less, in return his abilites are much less flat and can do a lot more in the sense of controlling the field of battle. He now has a real way to initiate a fight, and his ultimate has a massive OOM effect instead of being focused on a self-buff. Also, everything he does causes people to bleed a lot, and when his target bleeds it buffs him. So, lots of blood overall. Also, his iconic revival is now a situational part of his ult. It's still there, but like his healing much less accessible so power can be shifted elsewhere. Enjoy! **Passive: Bloody Crest** Aatrox's abilities apply Bleeding Cuts to enemies, causing them to bleed for 10 – 70 damage (based on level) damage over the next 6 seconds and leave a blood trail behind them. Aatrox gains 15% bonus movement speed when walking over a blood trail, and his basic attacks on bleeding targets deal (+0.15 total Attack damage) bonus physical damage and heal him for 8 – 50 health (based on level) (+0.01 bonus health), increasing by 150% when below 50% health. **Q: Sweeping Descend** Cost: 35 Health Cooldown: 20/18/15/12/10 Range: 400 First Cast: Aatrox spreads his dark wings and lifts into the air for up to 2 seconds, gaining Increasing range (up to 800 bonus range). Second Cast: Aatrox swiftly darts into the target location, becoming untargetable, knocking aside targets along the way and dealing 50/65/80/95/110 (+0.6 Attack Damage) to them. Upon landing he knocks up all targets within the radius of 300 for 1 second and slows them by 70% for 1.5 seconds, decaying over the duration. Those targets take 100/110/130/140/150 physical damage and gain the Bleeding Cuts debuff. **W: Hellish Strikes** Cost: None Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6 Range: Aatrox gains 30% attack speed for his next 3 basic attacks. Each of the first two attacks will apply a stack of Broken Stance to the target for 2 seconds. Gaining 2 stacks of Broken Stance reduces the target's armor by 20% for 2 seconds. The third basic attack will become a Draining Jab, gaining 150 bonus range. The Draining Jab will deal 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.75 total AD) (+0.12 bonus Health), heal Aatrox for 60% of the damage dealt, slow the target by 30% for 1.5 seconds and apply Bleeding Cuts. **E: Unleashed Energy** Cost: 50 Health Cooldown: 10 Range: 750 Aatrox swings his blade upwards, releasing a narrow shockwave which travels forwards in a straight line. Enemies hit by the shockwave are slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds and take 60/100/140/180/200 (+0.5 total AD) (+0.75 AP) damage. This ability does not apply Bleeding Cuts. If Aatrox hits an enemy champion with the initial swing of the blade, he will knock it up for 0.6 seconds and deal 100/140/180/230/280 (+1 total AD) (+1 AP) (+0.1 bonus Health) damage to it, releasing an enhanced Crimson shockwave which will deal the same damage to all targets in its path and slow them by 40% for 2 seconds. **R: Massacre** Cost: None Cooldown: 130/100/70 Range: 1000 Aatrox raises his blade to the sky. All targets affected by Bleeding Cuts within the ability's range are dealt 200/300/400 (+1 AP) (+0.12 bonus Health) damage as Aatrox draws in their blood, healing himself for 66% of the damage dealt. If only one target is affected by the ability, the damage is increased by 50% and the target is feared for 1 second, Targets hit by the ability gain enhanced Bleeding Cuts for the next 6 seconds, becoming revealed and bleeding for 70/120/170 (+0.5 bonus AD). Their movement speed is slowed by 20% for the entire duration. Excess healing from the initial blood draw feeds a shield for up to 200/275/350 health. If the shield reaches its maximum value, or if all 5 enemies were drained with the ability, Aatrox gains 66 bonus Attack Damage and the ability to revive from fatal damage for the next 12 seconds with 30% of his maximum health.
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