New Honor System AMAZING ! Or nope not at all.

So basically Riot is now encouraging us to play solo. Me and my girlfriend always play togheter, she is actually a better player than me and a main support in plat 1. She obviously deserves credit when we play togheter. But considering Riot so proudly tells us there is ''literally no benefit'' for premades honoring eachother we might aswell now always play solo. Because being premade with 1 or 2 just means there is a smaller chance of you getting your honor rewards and level up in a timely fashion. I really thought Riot would be smarter than this but it seems that all the 12 year olds who would break the system by abusing it have broken the system without even trying. Enjoy playing solo for the rest of the season everyone! A rather dark spot on what would otherwise be an amazing system. I just hope people really become less toxic but even that is a bit optimistic isn't it? :)) PS: I am already being generous completely ignoring the fact we only get to honor 1 single person a game. As if the game revolves around just the 1 player doing well. Especially in botlane HAH. Yeah Riot really doesn't understand all the bad things they are implying sometimes because Riot employees are just not good at League and barely play the game.
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