An Idea for Ranked.

After having a rough time in this seasons placements, I had an idea I thought I'd put forward, before I do though, I know a bunch of people are going to look at my profile and call me a noob and generally grace me with that wonderful League toxicity: Yes, I am Bronze IV, I do not claim to be a good player by any means, I play simply because I enjoy the game, and I play ranked simply because I enjoy the challenge of it. Unfortunately my friends do not feel the same way about ranked and hence this idea: Instead of having you're rank determined solely by wins or loses, why not have it based on individual performance, its no secrete that you often get trolls in ranked games, salty people that int, players that are just bad or even someone that's just having a bad day, despite what you do in a game, sometimes it is impossible to win a match. Currently regardless or how or why you loose a match, you loose LP, where as, if your rank was determined by your own performance, your KDA, creep score, vision score ect, not only would ranked be more enjoyable because the affect of those undesirable members of the community on your LP would be reduced, people that are like that will be discouraged from acting as such and ranks would be alot more representative of actual skill. tl;dr Instead of LP gains and loses being based on wins and loses, its based on individual performance during the match. Your KDA, creep score, vision score ect is compared the average of the rank you are in, if you're better you gain LP, if you're below then you loose LP, winning a match gives you more LP, loosing gives you less. For those of you who read this, thank you. GG
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