Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed

Welcome again in the new Champ idea #6 ✨ from the Champ idea series Introducing **Donovan-The Unleashed** Looooong time no see guys sorry for the absence :D , as always i gave the champ some nice AP ratios for off meta players to have fun with him or should i say **" THE FACELESS"** :D , without further ado, Have fun with the topic _____ #Quick story and Look: When Donovan was a child of a country in a poor humble village in shurima he lives with his family and as the village was not large that the people knew each other Little time passed , the country Faced The world ender , Aatrox {{champion:266}} Who invaded it seeking to consume the strongest shuiman warriors he can face , little did he know how humble the village was, he slaughtered the whole village the only survivor was Donovan his parents hidden him from aatrox just in time aatrox crashed into them too and slaughtered them both with one slash in front Donovan's eyes , Donovan From that day Wondered nations Learning and seeking any knowledge about the darkins and how to seal there terror for good he encountered Varus and rhaast and another darkin, but he always hide in terror from the pure evil he sence from them There great Aura stunned Donovan by fear , he must be stronger to Seek revenge to end all Monasteries of the darkins with the Sword of "Gan'Hakaj" Wide,Heavy ,Dark and Powerful. Aatrox seeks the strong to consume But little did he know about the heroes he create Fighter-Assassin type champ uses **energy** as his secondary bar a teenager aged champion who wields a black red Sword wide and medium in length that was given to him ,the special thing about it is that Donovan can share his aura power with it to execute specific moves. ______ #abilities: #Passive"darkness encounter ":(high cooldown) Dropping below **30%** health gives Donovan **+20%** life steal for **5s** , repeatable after high cooldown #Q"far strike": Donovan Throws his sword in a line he aims at landing at the end of it crashing the ground in an area around it , the sword deals **physical** damage while traveling and the landing Deals area damage , enemies **closer** to the sword's landing area are slowed for **1s** taking more damage * While unarmed donovan deales **35%** less basic attack damage **Recasting:** **Tap :** in a **3s** delay after throwing the sword, recasting the ability makes Donovan rush to the sword dealing **magic** damage to enemy units hit , enemy units hit by donovan's flight are airboned towards the center of the flight ######(like what vi's Q does),"can travel throw terrain" **Hold :** Or after the **3s** delay wears off , the sword will **fly back** to donovan dealing **physical** damage to enemies hit , when donovan holds back the sword he gains **10%** movement speed buff for **1s**. #W"charged": donovan concentrates his aura to the sword in a **channel** for **1s** making him unable to basic attack or use abilities **but** he can move freely empowering his sword with buffing effect consumed by, * **Q:** using Q will stun enemy units hit for **1s** , enemy units hit by the landing damage are stunned for **2s**, if an enemy champion is stunned by **empowered Q** will give donovan **10%** movement speed, or **20%** if they got stunned by the landing damage for **2s** * **E:** using **E** the waves are slightly wider, does more damage and will **heal** Donovan for **40%** of it's damage * **normally basic attacking:** Basic attacking **once** will consume the empowerment effect buffing it's damage , stunning the target for **2s** and gives donovan **30%** movement speed buff for **2s** no matter who he has attacked * The **W** will go on cooldown after it's being consumed, or recast to cancel it **refunding it's energy cost** and **75%** of it's cooldown * The empowerment will not ware off until being used #E"sharp wInds": * (must be armed with the sword to use) Donovan slashes the air with his sword creating **magical and physical** damaging waves in front of him that can be casted **3** times within **3s** each travel certain distance the **third** being the strongest , the longest ,but the narrowest ,the first is shortest , weakest but the widest and the second is the average between those previous. ######"Animation slashing movement in order (↖,↗,⬆)" #R"Unleashed rage ": * When Donovan reaches **level6** he can choose one of these **Two** ultimate abilities that will stay with him the whole game **until** he reaches **level 16** ,there he have a second chance to choose again between picking the other one or To stay with the one he picked --The passive for both is the same-- **Passive:** Donovan attack damage is increased by **20/30/45%** of his total movement speed after gaining any movement speed buffs **for the duration of the buff** . **Active !!! :** 1- donovan rages giving him **extra attack range** and **20%** movement speed and attackspeed for **6s** , takedowns refreshes **25%** cooldown of his basic abilities while in the rage state * (this will be as a long cooldown). Or 2- Donovan fires a force ball that he got control of, traveling slowly in a line till it reaches it's max range and vanish , the ball deals magic damage to units collide with it but it won't vanish by collision ,**recasting** the ability will make him do a slash animation {stoping him from basic attacking for the duration of the animation which is 2s} ordering the ball to Bend and **stap** in a medium sized line area to the cursor location dealing **100+(40%Ad and 70%AP)** damage to enemy units giving donovan **5%** movement speed for **2s** for each enemy champion hit. . * (this will be as a short cooldown) ____________ And that's it now allow me to give you more insight about the ultimates active and passive say Donovan's **movement speed** now is **100** , Zilean gives him his Lvl1 **40%** movement speed buff ability for **2.5s** Now he got **140 movement speed** , his passive will trigger now and give him **20%** of his total movement speed as attack damage ( that's +28 attack damage) For **2.5s** the effect time of the movement speed buff Now the second ultimate : Donovan will cast A Red ball of force in a line that moves a bit slow ,ok ? If he recast , The ball will -Like- Transform quickly to a line damaging enemies to make it more simple when he recast, it does Yasuo Q to the desired location as a wondering seeker he got interactions with various champions from various locations Hope you like the idea and the champ any questions or suggestions feel free to tell me in a comment , i will be pleased answering them <3 ___________ #Other topics: ##1- Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled (9 abilities in one champion) : ##2- Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay : ##3- Champ Idea#3 Dunjo'kyn & Zuri - Masters of the WolfClaws (2 controllable characters as one pick-able champion): ##4- Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists : ##Champ Idea#5 Adrean - the traverser of the dead: See you in the Next Champ Idea ;)
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