[Champion Concept] Sanya, the Pyroslayer of Zaun

**Introduction:** Sanya is a female mage, who is capable of having insane burst damage due to her mechanic of "Combustion", although the title might suggest it, she doesn't necessarily use fire, rather she uses combostious gas. Her main roles are top and middle. **Looks:** **Eye colour:** One eye is red and one is green **Hair:** She has long, platinum white hair, tied to a ponytail. **Clothing:** She wears a black cape and black gloves, under the cape is hidden a gas tank. On her left wrist she has a gas pipe attached. She has knives attached to her belt. She wears ripped jeans and sandals. her entire body is covered with tattoos, most of which are fire/explosion related. **Body:** Her skin is slightly tanned and her body is fairly plain. **-** **Kit:** Sanya's resource bar is *Fuel* it stacks at 100-200 based on level, is only regained at base and by cookies/mana regen (not normal mana regen) actives, but only used by her W **Pyromania-Passive:** For every *combustion* Sanya triggers she gains 5-12% movement speed and the cooldowns of her abilities are reduced by 1 second. **Combustion Cloud-R:** *stacking* **Active:** Sanya sends out a cloud of her combustious gas to a target location, the cloud remains in place until activated. **Max stacks:** 2/3/4/5 **Cooldown:** 22.5/20/17.5/15 per stack. **Duration:** 5 seconds per cloud **Hell on Earth-Q:** Sanya throws her flaming daggers at every gas cloud, combusting them and dealing damage to units near them. Units inside of them take 50% more damage and units in the center take 100% more damage. **Dmg:** 50/80/100/120/140 (+25% AP) **Fleshburner-W:** Sanya's basic attacks become a continuous flame which deal magic damage and consume 20 *Fuel* per tick. **Damage:** 20/35/60/90/100 (+10% AP) per tick. **(no name yet)-E:** Sanya releases a stream of gas, leaping into a target direction and leaving a trail of gas behind, can be burst with her Q. **Cooldown:** 20/17/16/14/12 seconds **Trail duration:** 3 seconds. **-** **Lore Summary:** She was originally from Zaun and always loved fire and explosives, she worked with singed to find the perfect chemical mix to use. She moved out of Zaun at one point and became a soldier for hire, shredding battlefields where she belonged, but due to her insanity she was let go very fast, and she returned to Zaun, joining a gang and causing devastation. *-* So that's it, I quite enjoyed making this, and I'm fairly happy with the result, and would like productive feedback.

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