Veigar rework idea

I played a Veigar game the other day and was wondering what the Devs could do to bring him back into the mix seeing as this mage update is going through (which is always refreshing and much appreciated), and I came up with this: Get his other abilities to interact with his signature E (aoe stun). Example, as Veigar you place the E and you did good, you got one trapped in the middle and two stunned on the wall. Next you drop your W in the middle of the E, this plays into the update, now the W dmg applies as normal but by hitting the middle of the E it now pools to cover the entire E area dealing some dmg too all enemies caught within the E and applying a slow that either rapidly decays or goes entirely when you leave it. So you have dropped your W and you're pooling dealing a bit more aoe dmg, next you throw your Q at the champ trapped in the centre because you know that now if the Q passes through the wall of his E the Q also applies dmg to those stunned else where in the walls. Finally this tanky mofo is still not dead so you give 'em all you got, in this case ult, as the ult passes through the wall of the E it charges it with magic energy which is discharged once the E ends. I imagined the walls of the E would discharge outwards much like Kassadins E does but without the cc and different sound affects. Chatting to another lol player and they came up with the idea of keeping these changes but changing the E so that it was only a semi circle so more of a barrier, and that as you lvl that ability up you get more walls per lvl and thus cover a greater area much like a yasuo windward or karthus wall gets bigger as you rank up. Just a thought.

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