Sarah , Emmisary of the runes

Sarah , emmisary of the runes Everybody on runeterra knows what the runes are , a few understand them on a deeper level and some are allways on a run scarred by their power. But only one knows that the runes have toughts and feelings and a will. The vastayan people know the pain that the rune wars cause all to well. But the runes are part of the nature and thats what vastayans love the most. Sarah was only a child that loved making friends when warriors dressed all black and red attacked the town. She can't remember all to well. The leader of the group was looking for a rune that was rummoured to be hidden by the town. At first she tought nothing of the screams from outside. That before arrows flew trough the window and hit her father, first in the knee second in the head. The next thing she can recall it's the tear going down her mothers cheek and the despair in her eyes when she urged her to leave, to hide , to survive... She rushed to the woods and ran for what it seemed like an eternity. The rain of arrows never stopped and it all looked like fate was not on her side. But it was. From running to falling , even tough the soldiers never found the rune she did. The fall was long and the pain looks like it will never stop. She stays near the rune barely alive for hours. Talking to it making one last friend. Well it was there where she found that real friens help each other out. The rune releases magical energy around , surrounding Sarah. Embracing her. Bringing it closer and closer. In the end absorbing her inside and healing her. Years have passed, the world above changed. The runes war stopped. But even now and then there are people that look for the runes and want to use their power. And they know it. The runes can feel it. Every time the need arrises just like Sarah was saved by the runes she will save them from becoming weapons again. Aided by their ancient power she will help those deserving and stop any evil scheme that may arise. Passive : Gift of the runes Every 10/8/6 seconds Dealing damage to a enemy champions marks the champions. The marked champion will be stuned for 0.5 seconds if he receives any heals or shields. Q: Magic touch CD 8 seconds 800 aoe Passive: increases the healing done by 10 % per ally champion that died in the last 5 seconds for the next 8 seconds 550 aoe Active: Heals a nearby ally champion by 40/60/80/100/120 +(0.2 ap) Aoe 400 W: Power rune CD 5 seconds Summons a lesser rune that increase your movement speed by 20% in a 550 aoe around them. The rune lasts for 6 seconds. E: Outburst CD 7 seconds Send a beam of energy from the nearby runes to a target location. Hitting a champion will destroy the rune and do 80/100/120/140/160 +(0.4) ap damage Hitting a target with more that one rune will create a null zone around the enemy champion for the next 2 seconds that will silence any enemy 300 aoe around the enemy champ. R: Wrath of the land Passive : Increase your ap by 20% for the next 3 seconds every time you blow a rune. Active: Summons a giant rune that lasts 3 seconds and releases a wave of energy every second in a 550 aoe around it dealing 15/20/25 % of the damage that was did around it in the previous second starting after it was spawned as magic damage Ps: I hope you guys like the story and the concept. Merry xmas everybody.
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