Thought about aatrox rework

I was thinking about aatrox's kit, he has a dash and Crowd control and an AOE long range ability, and a great sustain from his W's missing health life steal, and a free GA, his Ultimate deal alot of dmg So i hope that aatrox's rework wont take this great things from him Maybe his rework could still have a dash ability and a AOE long range ability and a crowed control , maybe giving him a passive missing health life steal on one of his abilities or actually in his passive, and for his ultimate, he is a god of war, so his ultimate should still be dealing alot of dmg So my thoughts for aatrox are: Passive : aatrox have a life steal depending on his missing health, (plus his old passive but more attack speed and no extra base AD, and the blood well stacks (100 blood well) dont fall when in combat with any enemy unit like minions, monsters, champions, tower) Q: aatrox dash to a location dealing physical damage in an area W: aatrox hit the ground in an area knocking up enemies dealing physical damage E: ( his old E but it will be one line not two, because its really bad thing that some minions are hit by the ability but not taking any damage cuz they are too small and they get through the two lines) R: when activated aatrox deals 200/300/400 physical damage plus 35% of his enemies missing health ( or maybe making it a single targeted ability)
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