Tea, goddess of sight [ Idea for a champion ]

I just got an idea for a champion. Seeing as vision has become scarce at least in lower ELO, why not making a champion that plays with vision. I visualize her as a support, mainly following the Shurima theme, something as Isis (the Egyptian goddess) and the eye of Horus, relating to Azir, Renekton, Nasus... Passive: Generates charges of eyes. (something like Zyra's seeds) _1st ability_: "Eye curse"Magic damage skill shot that applies the mark of Horus, after 3 stacks the targets becomes blind for a few seconds _2nd ability_: "Insight" Active: Places an eye (= vision ward)(high range), Passive: Gives an attack speed aura to nearby allies _3rd ability_: "wink" Gives a champion critical strike for a few seconds / To an enemy champion it lowers its attack speed for a few seconds _Ultimate_: "Maleficio" Casts an AoE spell with magic damage, it creates an area of darkness for a few seconds (just like grave’s) after this time all enemies still inside become blinded for a few seconds. Sorry, I know the names are lame but It's late and I'm a bit tired, so I didn't elaborate more. I hope someone likes it too.
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