Ranked changes needed.

I make a lot of these kind of posts but it's because nothing is being done, but anyway to the actual content here. Ranked is not fun. I find it's hard to enjoy ranked because as an overall experience you find so many people who flame, I myself being a reformed flamer after a 2 week ban, find it incredibly annoying that I have 1 or 2 flamers on my team per game. Mind that I'm not even in the lower priority Q. But toxicity isn't the worst part. The worst part is losing games when there is nothing left to do. It creates an un-fun environment. As an example I'll use one of my more recent games that inspired me to write this, I had a match with a Zoe mid-lane who shall remain unnamed because Riot gets a rage boner for exposing people who are toxic. This person got a kill at 1 minute in, I thought it would be a fun match. Then this person mistook a ping meant to warn her for a gank as flame, she immediately started cussing and swearing at teammates and throwing in a few racist slurs for good measure, anyway I mute this person just so I can focus thinking I'll be fine If I don't react to what she says; after someone on our team tells her to cut the bullshit she starts "running it down mid", intentionally dying 5 times after which she left the game at 10 minutes in. At this point I last all hope and decided to surrender at 15 minutes. The fact that I lost a bunch of my LP because of this person had a bad day is insane. And I don't even get the gratification of seeing that little message pop up saying a player I reported has been punished. So things I suggest: Since there is clearly a system to notice if a player is AFK or not, use it. If a player leaves a match for 5 minutes and doesn't come back, I think I should lose less LP because 4v5 matches can not be won unless the enemy makes serious misplays. Enforce reports more, In the past few games I have been reporting many players. And I think I've gotten the message that a player was punished about 5-6 times in the time I've played league of legends (since season 4.). Just on an off note: there is one other thing that makes me mad, Riot never responding to forum posts. If I am going to continue I feel the company should be more in touch with it's playerbase, Riot definitely has the resources to do this since their revenue is ~1.6 billion.
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