Skin Concept: Forge Mistress Taliyah

Taliyah really needs a new skin now, so I was thinking of some suggestions cuz i was bored. Q: fires out white-hot metal rods instead of stones, with generally sparky effects when they collide with an enemy W: fires up a piston from the ground that knocks enemies instead of just a simple rock mound. E: lays out a bed of red-hot ingots that appear to cool before they erupt R: similar in design but the wall is made up of interlocking red-hot iron that cools to a dull silver over the course of the wall's duration. Her model would have an overall industrial theme, perhaps she could have small furnace-like features on her "sleeves" instead of floating rock. Maybe a welding mask would be too obscuring, but some black-out goggles could look decent. A more punky/industrial hairstyle would be more appropriate, such as maybe a slight mohawk or buzzed sides. made just for fun tbh, and im shit at art so no concepts lmao [this]( is literally the best I could do for a model concept. I know its garbo.
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