Item Suggestion: Spymaster's Satchel

Us challenger players know how annoying it is to have full item slots later game and not being able to buy any more control wards, especially as support as we are expected to place more and buy cheaper builds. I propose a new item, intended for support called Spymaster's Satchel. [**Spymaster's Satchel**]( +35 armour +~~125%~~ 150% base health regen +300 health ~~*Unique Passive - Pointrunner*~~ ~~Builds up to 20% bonus movement speed over 2 seconds while near turrets, fallen turrets and Void Gates.~~ *Passive - Nimble* +15% movement speed *Unique Passive - Spymaster* Adds one additional slot solely for holding control wards ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At first I kept the raptor cloak passive, but seen as it is a late-game item for the extra control ward slot I decided to give it a high percent movement speed boost that-when combined with other movement speed masteries/items-will allow the support to sell boots late on for this item. This is just a first draft I just really want something to allow late game control wards, open to criticism (im not exactly a rito balancer)
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