Tips how to make support role more attractive

Hi there, dear community, the main reason for long queue times is the lack of people who want to play supp. Ofc rito knows that (there is a reason why they give us 10 supp champs for free^^), but I guess thats not enough (and I guess rito knows that as well^^). But what should they do? So this discussion is for you guys to give tips or suggestions how to make the support role more attractive to players. Maybe some rito guy reads this... hopefully^^ :P So here my first suggestions referring to statistics: The statistics in the end should show how many damage was blocked by shields. For me its a huge satisfaction to see how much healing I did with soraka after game, but if you are a shielding supp like Janna for example the statistics give no feedback about that. Another nice variable would be the whole hard cc duration you generated. This data would give supp some kind of feedback and let em compare their impact to former games. Furthermore since half of the supports are tanks, I think the statistic doesnt really show you how tanky you were when you see the Point "Damage taken". Ofc you take less damage when you are a supertank. But otherwise u blocked much more damage since you got Reistances. So for me its not very satisfying to see a carry who has taken more damage than me while I played - let's say rammus. The statistic just doesnt show your value, because you cant really estimate how much focus you drew from the enemies. So the variable "Damage received" without takin mr/armor into consideration might help out here. Ofc these suggestions might be only a drop in the ocean, but maybe the community will give other advices as well.
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