Rework Concept [Mordekaiser]

{{champion:82}} _"I shall bring great suffering"_ A line that is no longer that meaningful. I know you die hard fans and main out there I feel you I know you _"mord is good as he is"_ guys. I do this because Mordekaiser is at the mooment feels lackluster to say the least. His immobility by current standars is pretty frustraiting. His Q is eighter busting anyone or does nothing at all. His W is imbalanceable so what the solution is. Think a rework as I mentioned in the title. The current version of Mord is binear. If he is in range you are damaged. there is no choise, no thinking, no preparation. DISACLAIMER: Numbers are rought around the edges. THEY MEAN NOTHING. I'm a dummy for base numbers I'm more used to the %-es. So lets start with the mayor guidelines what I tryed to follow. * Champion skills must match the champion lore * Skills must categorize him as Magic damage Jaggernaut * Skills must not feel like they have to be chained as fast as possible * Work around to keep the the passive * Way more useful ultimate * Better mobility with true movement * Keeping Crystal Scepter as core item while reduceing the need to combine it with Liandry's Torment _**Skills**_ _Passive: Iron Man Mordekaiser gains 10/15/20 % of magic damge as shield. The Shield amount is capped 20% of his max health. The Iron Man Bonus health recives half or Mordakaiser's overall defenses Any healing effect that isn't life regeneration is gained as bonus bonus shield generation until his bar is full. Once he reaches full shield he can heal himself. _ Basically the same ability witha b it of nerf here and a bit of nerf there. Compered to it's old form: * it is tweekable * it is fair * it can make Mord think twice hit once _Q: Let the Hammer Fall Mordekaiser switches between 2 types of strike. The First form smashes the ground dealing damage in a small area. He deals ([15/25/35/45/55] + 80% AP) damage. The Second form pumels the first ennemy in a narrow and short line with the butt of his mace. He deals ([15/25/35/45/55] + 100% AP) damage but stuns the target for 0.5 seconds. Cooldown: 4 seconds Resets AA timer Both strike is skillshot_ _ Both strikes can consume Sorrow from targets. _ This ability in my oppinion is just a better version of his current Q with less fiddleing around and more brute and powerful strikes. The name change is just something that isn't a must. I made this because I would imagine a falling heavy motion for both strikes. I'll speak about Sorrow in the next section Compered to Mace of Spades: * More Utility * needs more skill to land (like Poppy or Yassuo Q) _W: Harvester of Sorrow Passive: Harvester of Sorrow and Siphon of Destruction marks enemys with Sorrow. Sorrow is consumed by Mace of Spades (Let the Hammer Fall) It deals ([10/15/20/25/30]+30% AP) damage every second for 3 seconds_ _ Active: Deals deals ([50/85/120/155/190]+30% AP) damage and apply Sorrow to Enemys in a 60° cone Cooldown: 6 seconds_ I don't really have anything to tell about this ablity. It is there to apply the mark and this little guy here -->{{item:3116}} _E: Siphon of destruction Damges an enemy for ([30/55/80/105/130]+60% AP). Also stealing its life force. Giving him a burst of enegy to break free from slows and roots, gains immmunity to them, and 50% increased movementspeed toward that target for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8_ Mobility all the way baby... Then be gone by the stun. Still stopable and still murderable. like the other ability it is imcomperable. _R:Children of the Grave Mordekaiser summons a shadowy figure from his realm. It have 75% of Mordakaiser's health and defenses but 120% of his movement speed. It gains Iron Man Shield based on its deamage dealth. He deals 50%AP + 50%AD damage. It always attacks his target and follows him. If Mordekaiser or his his ally kills an Epic monster, the ghost uses it as a host buddy and gains special benifits based on the type of target. The Pet lasts for 45 seconds duration extended 15 seconds by kills._ _Dragon -> Dragon Pet Baron & Herald ->Rift herald pet Ranged Champions -> Ranged attacks and increased damage with reduced health Melee Champions -> Incresed deffensesincreased movement speed_ So that is my idea for a skillset. I'll answer comments as soon as I can.
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