Meo Sun, The Forbidden Sword

Idea: A samurai, but not like Yasuo, Yi,.. AT ALL, im imagining more of a big, mysterious samurai who doesn't play by the rules. He underwent a forbidden ritual to increase the power of his sword and extend the limits of his abilities. He doesn't play by the book and doesn't do anything for free. Passive: Starts off with a basic samurai sword, player can pay Meo Sun, when Meo Sun receives 700 gold by the tenth minute, a new sword is presented to him thats more powerful, he automatically switches. After the 20th minute mark, if Meo Sun received 1500 gold, he switches to his ultimate weapon, The Forbidden Sword. 1st sword: every basic attack has a 5% chance of dealing 250 true damage 2nd sword: every basic attack has a 5% chance of dealing 450 true damage The Forbidden sword: every basic attack has a 5% chance of dealing 750 true damage Q: Meo Sun charges his weapon, his sword gains extra range and he swings his sword, dealing damage to everyone caught in the radius reactivating causes him to slam his sword and knocks up enemies for 1 second. W: Throws shuriken, dealing damage and applying a crippling poison slowing enemies by 25% for 1,5 seconds and making them bleed E: Meo Sun dashes a short distance, slicing enemies in front and alongside of him R: Meo Sun blinks to nearby enemies, unleashing a fury of slices from his blade, each gaining an increased % of dealing true damage, true damage is also increased from 250 -> 400/ 450 -> 700 / 750 -> 1000 The idea of this champion comes from Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X, tbh i think this isn't a bad idea at all, and i would love to see either this or a similiar concept in league, where you pay your champion for additional services/power/abilities. I would love to hear your thoughts about it, feedback etc... Thanks! PS: this is the link to where my idea comes from
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