New Game Mode - Every Man For Himself

Map : Summoner's Rift (Clouded,Darker - similar to Doom Bots) Mode : Draft Pick Champion Start Level : 18 Deathtimers : 45 seconds before minute 10:00 , 125 seconds after minute 10:00 Respawn to random location (immune for 3 seconds and cannot attack) Both bases closed,No Nexus/Towers/Minions Energy/Mana/Other : Costs 25% less River : on both sides of the river will have 2 movement speed buffs (Crab) for all players. Gold per second inscreased to 5 Shop can be used only after death (ARAM based) Summoners start with 2000 gold Win conditions : a player gets a total of 100 points Points : 1 point for assist , 2 points for kill , 3 points for a shut down (?) If a player leaves the game his champion is transported to baron pit and gets immunity till the player reconnects -EDIT-1 Mode : ~~Draft Pick~~ -> Blind Draft Pick Health regen when out of combat increased Player Win Point Requiest : decreased from 100 to 50 -EDIT-2 Deathtimers : ~~45 seconds before minute 10:00 , 125 seconds after minute 10:00~~ --> The more points a player has the longer the deathtimer : 01-10p - 15 sec 11-20p - 25 sec 21-30p - 40 sec 41-50p - 60 sec

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