Continue. the Jarvan story

【猜測】英雄聯盟-斯溫的陰謀: 勒布朗假扮了嘉文四世?
終於把這段影片完成了Orz 這次為大家帶來他們的故事 (展開看BGM等資訊) _____ 歡迎來到FåntäsyZ 我所製作的影片主要與電腦遊戲有關 如果各位喜歡我的影片,可以訂閱此頻道:D _____ 參考資料: Kalamanda Intruder's Note - League of Legends Community Alright, let's try and decipher the note in JoJ 27 - League of Legends Community lol wiki: The Journal of Justice Issues _____ BGM: Fade to Black B13a (Extended) Extended: Fate/Zero - Emiya -Time Alter
well, I am a super jarvan fan. I love's to play him as well as other champions. However the story of Jarvan suddenly stop. I wish to see a longer story line. And Demacia's future movement 。 {{champion:59}} P.s. IN youtube, a Asian league player summarized using the original pictures and league of legends news and come up all the story behind the article over Jarvan and Le Blanc. Hope that is the real story line.
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