an idea for rengar from a rengar main

well , idk if that will be good, it maybe bad but am just trying so please dont attack me ( specially adc mains). i want him to be balanced too but what riot done is made him sucks compared to other assassin junglers like diana and khazix they are much more powerful now. well, i ve an idea for the ultimate which is adding a global sound to it , like nocturne's ultimate.. and removing the E changes .. adding a sound for rengar ultimate will give a chance for non paying attention squishes to act. however i still think he will be weak even if u done that .. since the one shot combo removed .. but its quite hard to balance him. he is a no escape assassin .. kill or be killed or just add an escape to him maybe a movement speed bounce to his W and nerf its sustain a bit. so he can jump and run , or catch enemies on his ult. well i would be happy to see suggestions so please if u have something , write them below. For people who gonna cry about rengar one shotting adc or squishes in general , i just want to ask , what happens when diana r-w you as an adc or a khazix q u while you isolated rengar one shots u with a combo not just a Q how fast he does the combo depends on how good is the rengar player... its too normal for an assassin to one shot an squishy , that is his/her job see akali for example now days . one q on u and ur dead , u cant escape her 3 jump ultimate. if u got caught out of position by an assassin , dont blame anyone but ur self. i ve read another idea on the INTERNET about adding something to rengar like kindred marking system to make rengar deal more damage to a single target in their whole team , i didnt like it alot since ferocity system is good but wanted to check ur opinion ( that may give rengar the look of a true hunter ) as written in there.
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