Disabling Whispers/Private Messages In-Game

Hello! I'd like to rush straight to my experience. Today, i was playing a game of league when suddenly i got a private message which contained racist content (n word). Firstly, i was very confused, because i knew who that person was - it was a person that i had recently had in my friends list, but after finding out about their toxic nature i removed them. Which made me question why the message reached me when the person is not in my friendlist (i now blocked them). Now, i would simply ignore this problem, but i am a streamer and it can be harming if i receive messages like that for all the viewers to see. And with that, I'm interested if there's a feature to disable whispers/private messages in game (the ones that pop up in chat in a yellow font), because you cannot stop them from incoming and they pop up without any notification before hand (aka when in client, you have to open up the message to see it, but in game the message shows immediately). Also, I've been looking around in forums on how to stop private messages in game and most of the answers consisted 'just block/remove them', hence why i decided to write and create a discussion about this as it's happened multiple times before and hopefully provide an idea for a feature of disabling whispers/private messages in-game or entirely. I hope this gives a new idea to Riot :) PLEASE READ THE UPDATE: So, some people who read about this idea had negative feedback and told me that removing chat makes no sense. Hear me out!! I meant this feature to be used as a toggle on/off if you'd like to disable/enable whispers in game to pop up in the chat box, so no one gets harmed :D
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