Pantheon Rework Idea, Multi purpose fighter!

Premise: I'm writing this out of an inspirational spree (and boredom). I haven't read Pantheon's lore in a while, hence, I don't know if his lore is tightly tied to his Spear&Shield Combo. This is an attempt in giving pantheon a multi purpose tool on his Q but keeping him kind of predictable once his turn has passed. Passive - Artistry of War Artistry of War At 12 Stacks Pantheon can switch weapons into (weapons load out is showed as kindred's or rengar passives) Spear and Shield - Mild increase in range moderate increase in damage Sword and Shield - Short range, defensive bonuses + 5% tenacity Labrys - Longer range than sword, shorter than spear, moderate increase in damage. decrese in defenses Upon switching weapons, pantheon gains a burst of movement speed and a shield Scaling X to (X) - Q - Weaponmaster Passive - Killing any unit grants Pantheon a stack of "Artistry of War" killing an enemy champions grants 6 stacks Active Q Spear - Spear Shot: Pantheon throws his spear dealing attack danage Q Sword and Shield - Tactical Wound: Pantheon lunges forward with his shield at the ready can reactivate the Q to execute a stun in front of him or wait the end of the dash that will make him thrust his sword forward dealing damage in a line and slowing all units hit for 45% Q Labrys - Pantheon swings his double edged axe in 2 wide and slow cones dealing each X to X damage and healing him for 5% per champion hit. Pantheon can walk during the ability execution - W - Phalanx! Pantheon completely blocks the next tower shot/basic attack or ability that hits him (Only champion or epic monsters can trigger this abiliy). If pantheon successfully blocks, all allies in range obtain a shield - E Spoils of War - Pantheon's next basic attack is empowered and upon successfully killinh an unit resets the passive bonuses on switch. R Grand Skyfall -stays unchanged from the official one. NEW R Aegis Warrior Pantheon leaps into the air and smashes the ground at a distance X slowing all enemies hit in a radius for the next 4 Seconds pantheon can switch weapons without however gaining any of the bonuses on switch. WHERE DOES HE KEEP ALL THIS STUFF? Well I remember that he is an incarnation of a god of war, i'd say he can freely and efforthlessly craft weapon out of thin air appearing in his hands in bursts of light, should I mention though that the switch to another weapon should cost him 1 second of uninterupptable animation. Honestly I know this maybe result in something overpowered. and I have no hope to be answered by actual rioters on this however, I really like to throw in ideas for one of my favourite champions. Have a good day Y'all :D
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