So, I got a few ideas

Basiclly, I saw this post, I think yesterday from a guy who had some pretty cool ideas for Orriana and a few other champs. So I thought, might aswell make one. So my ideas basiclly are: Bringing further bloom into the Deathblossem skinline with the following champions: Kindred, Rek'Sai and Cho'gath, and here is why: The deathbloom skinline currently exists out of Elise and Kha'Zix. From what I got in the story of Kha'Zix's skin, up in the north among the great flowerfields, there is an flowerfield known as the Death Blossems. They are primeval hunters so beautiful that it brings anyone to tears. And at the moment they let their gaurd down, the hunters strike. So the reason I chose these 3 champions paticular is because Deathblossem Kha'Zix and Elise are both Primeval hunters who can feed upon anyone. So why Kindred?{{champion:203}} 1. In runterra (the world of our champions) they are the twin essence of death, they get those whose time has come to die and let them choose to get a swift and painless death from lamb if you embrace death or you get a violent and painful death from wolf if you resist it. I am bringing this up because Kindred see they're killings as hunts. Because they have to get to their target before they die and if they run away, wolf gets to hunt them down. Considering that the Deathblossems are Primeval hunters, it makes sense to have them get their own role as hunters who seek out those who were foolish enough to go towards the center of the flowerfield and get hunted by the kindred as their punishment if they try to escape or if they take whatever is at the center of the flowerfield. And wolf is a constantly hungry boi, got to feed him something right? With a story like this, you can make it so that the Deathblossem creatures are actually gaurdians in a sense (idk thing really far ahead in this). You can make the characters in such a way that the black and white Kindred themselves can be mixed together with some splahes of purple (or whatever dark colour the deathblossem have). 2. They need a new skin (seriously, not even joking) Both Rek'Sai and Cho'Gath are pretty straight forward. {{champion:31}} {{champion:421}} Rek'Sai is an apex-predetor who's hunger has caused enitre regions of Shurima to be destroyed and gone. She will hunt you down from hundreds of miles/kilomiters away and death from below is garunteed once seen. She fits extremely well with the theme for a similar reason to Kha'Zix. Both are hunters who consume those who have fallen in their claws. The difference is that Rek'Sai is much bigger and is much hungier then Kha'Zix. And Cho'Gath, well, for the similar reasons as Rek'Sai and Kha'Zix. Only you can make it so that he is a massive, hungry, rampaging boi. Onto the next skin idea I had for awhile: A First Star/Dark Star Kindred (noticing a pattern?) Ever since I played with the Star Gaurdian Zoe in the PBE and watched an Star Gaurdian design video by T.B Skyen (really good btw, give em a good watch). I have been thinking of this concept for a while and only after the things I said in the last senctance. A Dark Star wolf and whatever opposite side there is to the Dark Star, Cosmic? idk. So, there I was on my bike going to McDonalds and suddenly it popped up! I remember something being mentioned about something called "the first star" and it having a dark secret or something. I think it was a Xayah interaction, but I could be wrong. That is when I found what I wanted, a First Star that is the very same star as the Dark Star! This fits Kindred perfectly because of how opposite and yet the same they are. They are never one without the other. Aight onto the not Kindred skins: Sweet baker Zoe: What? She likes chocolate mooncakes and has a childlike behavior that fits with this incredibly well. And besides, what better chocolate mooncake is there except the one you make? Pulsefire Bard: Bard has alot of skin potential, I thought of this because it'd be funny that the bards portal skill could be you going through different timelines and have his ult pull out an ZA WARULDO and stop time in a specific area. Firecracker Jhin: Jhin is the kind of guy to up a lovely show for his audiance, and there is no better way to perform a firework show like blasting them using the bodies of his victims :D Allright, that is all I have, see you all next time I guess. Btw, these are just skin ideas. You can correct them if they don't feel right or something.

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