[Rework concept] Kayle, with update you have great possibilities

Dear Readers, Before you start your comments saying "Kayle is OK he doesn't need any rework/update" look in to your hearth. Is she really ok? I'm not asking to call this a just post. I'm asking you to read the post please. So first of who is Kayle in a nutshell. - Angel of "Justice" - The hand of retribution and judgement - Embodiment of holy flames of an unknown world. It basically boils down to a retribution Paladin from World of Warcraft... It is actually cool. Don't get me wrong it is actually a good way to find a design her. For those who have never played WoW Retry Paladins are this weird half ranged class that can devastate enemies from range but their true power comes from melee ranged abilities and the holy strength they possess. Using this little shorty up there we can form a concept what I want to see in Kayle. I personally a fan of Ekko's play style too but it is a typical "get in then get up and save your own ass" so what if we turn it into "get in, then get in, then get in more" Take a short concept core: - Keep the ranged aspect pretty much as it is with a twist - Give her reward for staying in melee range (you will see why both of this are point on th list) - Give her tools to stay in melee - Give her the option to get an alli out of danger by placing herself in danger. Lets see the kit that I think may have some kind of relevance as a rework. **Passive - Holy Fervor** Kayle deals Magic Damage with each attack. Yes. plain and simple. E's passive can shifted to passive. Since the ranged aspect is still a point the concept list I would personally shift the penetration bonus to E. You will see how. **Q - Reckoning** Kayle launches a wave of holy fire forward. If an enemy champion gets struck by the fire, the enemy will be slowed and Kayle gains movement speed. Each basic attack and pulse of Righteous Fury reduces the cooldown on Reckoning. That was a great design choise in WoW Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. It isn't move speed steal. If your target is fast he will be slowed based on its movement speed and you will be speeded up based on yours. Like Yi (and kinda like Trynda), you are rewarded for delivering your damage and you are allowed to stick to your target. in the same time you can simply call it a skill shot AoE Malph Q. ** W - Divine Blessing** Blesses a target friendly champion, granting them increased Movement Speed and healing them. If it is used on Kayle herself, the healing is reduced and the movement speed is removed but Kayle reduces Reckoning's Cooldown greatly. The idea behind Kayle as I personally get her is this supporty brutal fighter. So here it is the spell for it. You have to descide what worth more. The life of your ally or a relentless assault on your target. **E - Righteous Fury** When activated, Kayle pulses with holy fire with each attack. Kayle also gains 400 attack range and extra damage on hit. With each attack and pulse, Kayle reduces the armor of enemy champions. The reduction stacks but last for a few seconds only. Each application have its own timer. Righteous Fury hits an pulses also reduces the Cooldown of Reckoning. It may be the most overloaded spell that this game have ever seen but let me explain. This ability is nearly always active and nearly always on Cooldown. modifying its potential is simply the question of Attack speed and uptime. **R - Intervention** Kayle chooses an alli target within 900 yards. Dashes towards the target. Upon arrival She shields the target with divine magic protecting it from damage for a short time. IF the ability is casted on herself, she grant movement speed to surrounding alli champions who are moving towards the nexus and away from enemies. This spell is more likely to be an OP Ultimate then a balance one if it ever happens but the current "intervention" isn't true to its name. Making this modification is like giving her a Shen ultimate with short range and more potent shield. The more interesting part in my opinion is the self cast. Right now Kayle doesn't do much with self cast. it saves herself but does nothing other than that. Making the whole idea of intervention (as verb) to be just a plain shield. I won't even try to come up with numbers. I just want to post a base mechanic. I hope you at least kinda enjoyed this lengthy thing. Thank you for reading!
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