[Chroma Concepts] Glacial Malphite: Geode and Cosmic Reaver Kassadin: Empyrean

I like creating skin and champion concepts when im bored, made these 2 chroma concepts earlier :) * [Cosmic Reaver Kassadin: Empyrean](http://i.imgur.com/h5aoaod.jpg) {{champion:38}} * [Glacial Malphite: Geode](http://i.imgur.com/ejTOFDI.jpg) {{champion:54}} I also have a lot of skin and champion concepts on my profile if you'd care to check them out :P **EDIT** : I have made one of the kassadin chromas quick, [download here](https://www.mediafire.com/?u2va505e95kvdr4). You have to install it with skin installer ultimate Feedback is appreciated , thanks! {{champion:3}}
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