[CONCEPT] Arena / Sandbox Mode

> # Disclaimer > **_Whatever I suggest in this post doesn't have to be fully implemented/implemented at all. I know none of this will most likely be implemented but it is just a concept/suggestion. Thank you._** > **_Whenever I reference multiple options/concepts some may be less realistic and that is why I am dividing them. _** *** # A few words before I start: So since Riot decided to remove TT (which I disagree with but we are not gonna talk about that now), I was thinking about potential new ways to make the game interesting while also removing the potential "not enough players" excuse for deleting a game mode. Considering this, I decided that for this game mode to be actually successful, it can't be matchmade because: * Matchmade game modes require a certain amount of players to start a game leading to queues. * Matchmade game modes must have a certain skill barrier to separate high elo from low elo players. * Matchmade game modes are updated and tweaked by Riot, meaning that every champion has to be adapted to the map, and the map itself has to be adapted to the champion. **Considering this, I understand it is hard to maintain a mode that not a lot of people play and keep it as a permanent mode.** If it can't be a matchmade game mode, it has to be some sort of a custom game mode. And that is when I thought of.... *** # Arena / Sandbox - Introduction So, the basic idea of Arena / Sandbox (**I'm gonna call it sandbox from now on for simplicity**) is that you are thrown in an arena-like flat battlefield. On the battlefield you enter as a non-champion character (think about it like the little legends from TFT), but if you go to the game menu (which could be in the options, as a button on the minimap, near the champion portrait (like the current rune/stats buttons), wherever really...) (**I'm gonna call it Sandbox HUB or just HUB from now on**) you can select a champion you would like to play. Similar to the practice tool you would be able to set your level and gold so you can try different situations with champions. However with Sandbox you would be able to invite your friends to play with you. Which brings me to... *** # Multiplayer So for this I have two main concepts (with one already in the game): * A normal custom game style lobby before the start of the game (**with the exception of no teams**). You invite friends (or they join through an open party) and you can choose a team when the game starts. **Champion select would be skipped**, I'm gonna explain that later. * The second method is a little more complicated than the first one, the initial lobby is the same until you get in the game. In the Sandbox HUB you have a "players" tab where you could invite other online people to play with you. People from the client can request to join your Sandbox. In the players tab you would be able to review requests and invite people. As for teams, there could be team vs team, team vs team vs team (etc.), free for all... **_Everyone in the game can choose and customize their champion (explaining in next section), but only the lobby owner and assistants can change core game stuff (explaining later)._** *** # Champions / Champion Customization You could have probably guessed from the name of the game mode (Sandbox) that there would be "sandbox elements". The first sandbox element we are going to look at is champion customization. The champion customization menu would be placed in the HUB. Here you would be able to change some aspects of your champion such as: * **Basic settings**: * Your champion * Summoner spells * Items (you can also do this through the shop, which I am going to explain later) * **Advanced settings**: * Base champion stats (HP, Mana, Magic Resistance, Armor, AD, AP, CDR, Movement Speed, Magic Penetration / Armor Penetration / Lethality, Attack Speed, Range, Lifesteal, etc.) * Advanced champion stats (HP Regen, Mana Regen, Champion Size, etc.) * Buffs (Red Buff, Blue Buff, Baron Buff, Dragon Buffs, Champion Buffs, Item Buffs, etc.) as well as debuffs > # **VERY** Improbable Wishlist - Champion Customization Being able to choose specifically which spells you would like to have on a champion (Being able to choose which P Q W E R abilities you would like to have). *** # Terrain, Structures, Map Customization And Possible Playstyles You would be able to place certain terrain and structures on the map, such as: * Bushes * Walls * Turrets (both targetable and untargetable ones) * Rivers / Water (specifically for champions like Qiyana) * Nexuses * Inhibitors (explaining lane in next section) * Relics * Capture points * Shop Areas (more about it in next section) * Fountain area We already know placing does bushes and walls is possible (for bushes Ivern, for walls Taliyah, Anivia, Trundle, Jarvan, etc.) Others would be a little more tricky, but I am sure it would be possible with some coding. As for turrets, inhibitors, fountains and nexuses, you could assign them to a team. **There could be any number of turrets but there is either a single nexus for each team or no nexus for any team.** This simplifies the playstyle. The goals could be to **destroy an enemy nexus, get the most kills in a certain amount of time, kill everyone on the other team once (without respawns)** or even some fun, non-pvp playstyles like **hide and seek, pve,** or just having fun together in general. With **capture points you could bring back a system like Dominion**, but with fully customizable maps. Other capture point ideas could be like the **current TT capture points**, which give you a buff depending on the amount of points you have captured. > Recall could be used to teleport a player to their team's fountain. *** # NPC's, Monsters And The Lane System It would be nice if we could summon in creeps and monsters like minions, jungle monsters, shopkeepers wherever in the map we wanted. Jungle monsters and the shopkeeper don't seem to be that hard to code in, but minions are trickier. This is why there should be a customizable lane system. This is how I imagine it working. There should be an options in the toolbox to define a lane. **You would create a line that connects at least 2 nexuses.** This is where minions will spawn and travel. If there was a rift herald, it would travel to the nearest defined lane. **You could also define scuttler trails** and the place (in the previously defined river) where vision would be provided. As for shopkeepers, they are not necessary, but it would be nice if you could place them in previously defined shop areas, where items would be purchasable. *** # Core Game Customization You could have some options like changing the death timers, minion, monster and structure hp, time required to capture point etc. *** # Customization And Playing Modes A simple concept where the game could be in either one of these modes. During the customization mode, players can make changes to their champions and the map itself, but the game cannot be played during this time. In the playing mode, champions and the map is locked in and the game begins. After switching to customization mode again, the map would reset to the last saved template before the game started. *** # Presets And Templates It would be cool if we could save templates / presets for maps. This way we could create physical files on our devices that we can use next time to load a preset. Kind of like replay highlights currently. *** # Balance And Champion Compatibility Because of the wild nature and it's completely customizable terrain, sandbox would not need any balance adjustments. There wouldn't be the need to balance the champions around the map and the other way around. Because of this making a champion compatible with this mode would be as simple as adding it to the list of available champions. *** # Final Words I know this will ~~probably~~ most likely never happen, but I was just feeling creative on a random day and decided to write all of this. If you have ANY suggestions leave them in the comments. If you read through all of this thank you for even giving it a second of attention. {{sticker:sg-lux}}

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