Cerastes- The Bloody Snake (trying to give ideas for champion)

Cerastes- The Bloody Snake Cerastes was a man that loved to chase down his targets and kill them slowly and painfully. One day a foreigner seeing Cerastes' brutallity, decided to stop him by showing him that he is a beast. When the foreigner used magic on him to turn him into a half snake-half human monster, he also broke his two horns which were located on the head so that we wouldnt be able to use them. Cerastes, became crazy,mad and killed the foreigner with his two horns, slowly like all his other preys.He uses his horns as weapons ever since. Cerastes is a champion that focuses on autoattacks more than skills, yet loves to inflict wounds with his skills from time to time. His skills,appart from his ultimate,cost a portion of his HP so he cannot use them a lot. SKILLS: Primary Passive - DEEP WOUND Bleed effects get intensified the faster the target is moving and yet deal no damage if the target stays still.If the enemy target has a bleed effect that was not gained from Cerastes, then the damage is intensified only if the enemy target runs towards him. Q - BLOODY FANG The next basic attack deals bonus damage to the enemy target while leaving a bleeding effect for X seconds. If the target has a bleeding effect already, then it gains movement speed. W - THE CHASE Active: -the target gets a bleeding effect and extra speed for X seconds. -if the target has a bleeding effect already then it gets stunned for X seconds yet it loses the bleeding effect. Passive: While The Chase is active,Cerastes gains movement speed that slightly surpasses the mov.speed of the closest enemy champion. E - Venom Strike Cerastes throws his horn at the enemy target applying Venom that deals damage only if the enemy champion attacks for the next X seconds.For the duration that Venom is active, the skills of the target deal less damage. R - SLOW DEATH For X seconds every 3rd basic attack leaves grievous wounds on the target.While slow death is active, all champions with bleed effects are slowed. Also Cerastus' skills change: -Bloody fang now gives bonus attack damage for X seconds -The Chase now makes Cerastes invisible for X seconds, or untill he attacks or gets hit. -Venom Strike now silences the target for X seconds After Slows Death's effect wears off Cerastes gets exhausted.His movement and attack speed slow down and he himself starts bleeding for X seconds.While bleeding, if he is running away from an enemy he gains mov.speeb but the bleeding effect becomes stronger. If he is running towards an enemy champion then the time of the bleed effect gets reduced. GAMEPLAY: Cerastes is an AD champion. He himself is not very mobile, that is why he uses his skills to make it impossible for the enemy target to escape.The wounds that he leaves on the target make them unable to move fast and when they force themselves to do so, they are getting damaged even more. Cerastes can force himself to become stronger for a small duration of time, but that will hurt him in the proccess. ~So this is it. I am giving this as an idea for a new champion.I am fully aware that without providing any stats or specifying the seconds on the debuffs I am not "creating" the champion.But I dont have the brain or the time to do the math.I will leave that to the pros. Hope you like my idea. Hope the people who work on making new champions notice this and get some ideas for upcoming champions. If you liked the idea of this concept feel free to help by making the stats or changing some stuff and post it in the comments so that the league team that makes champs can have a better idea about this.Also feel free to leave any questions(though I am not sure when I will be able to answer them).Thanks for the time and sorry for the long post.(I dont have a potato either so sorry :P )
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