basic concept for anti rage/salt champion(s)

league of legends is probably the most rage inducing game i have ever played. mainly because i find it unbalanced and there are way too many champions focusing on making your life a living hell (Teemo, annoying poison and mushrooms. Shaco, invisibility and clones are only 2 examples) so i thought, what if there was a champion that tries to make "having a bad game" less punishing if not rewarding? so heres a few basic things the champion could have: passive/skills: getting hit will generate you gold. dying will give the enemy less gold and death will last shorter. defense or mobility summoner skills like flash and teleport have lower cooldown. similar to Kog'maw, this champion may explode on death which grows in strength based on death counter or any other punishment you have received, the explosion should affect both melee and ranged based on their participation in killing you. you become more powerful depending on how badly your team is doing. you may do one of these: you leave light on death, can spawn light in places on the map or you turn into a ghost allowing you to reveal enemies as you get near them with reduced vision to let your team know where they are, during this, enemies can see you but not prevent you in any way. assist counts lasts longer depending on how much you have participated, many different factors. the champion would be rather defensive, giving enemies less reason to target you but if they attack and kill your allies, you will grow in power and potentially lose some defense in the process allowing you to avenge their death. you have ways of avoiding continues or perma crowd control effects. the champion have potential for thorns or/and negative curses. the champion would NOT have many escapes, crowd control or salt inducing "anything" that can annoy your enemies as it exists to reduce the amount of salt you feel and the same goes for your enemies. these are just concepts and not an actual solid or well thought of concept for a champion, this champion may not be 1 champion but a couple based on how you could fit these anti rage/salt effects, i could imagine it being like an anti salt patch that would offer you many different champions with different play styles. i highly doubt you can fit all these effects but i really want a champion that's not as punishing to fail and not as rewarding to win with as many of the others, they would serve only to help those who find themselves raging quite often(me included) as a suggestion to anyone who plan or have made a champion concept, implement one of these or something you think would make your gameplay a little less rage inducing on death, it really helps the people who find themselves getting mad quite often.
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