Vel'Koz Skin Concepts

Vel'Koz hasn't gotten a new skin in 3 years (4 if you don't count the april fools one as a real skin). As he's one of my fav champs, I would love to see some more skins, and as such I thought of some skin concepts (i'm not a good artist so i sadly couldn't make anything visual to convey them better). Concept #1 - Ink Master Vel'Koz As the name suggests, this skin would replaced the usual "plasma" of the abilities with ink. The abilities would have a mainly black color scheme and look like the liquid ink seen typically in cartoons. The sound effects would sound very splishy splashy (cant find a way to explain it any better). The passive proc would just be a tiny splash of ink, the Q would look like the normal one but inky (it could maybe leave some ink drops as it traveled to better show that it's liquid), the W would be an ink spill along the ground (don't really know what to make for the explosion part of it), for the E Vel'Koz would throw an ink sack that exploded on the destination and the ult would be like the Q (mainly alike the normal ult, but ink would drop bellow the beam of death). Researching a champ could also leave their body's full of ink. Concept #2 - Soulstealer Vel'Koz I don't think i need to explain this skin that much as it would belong to an existing skin line, but my main idea was that his ult would look like he was pulling the souls in through the laser instead of looking like he was shooting it, maybe he could even have his tentacles doing a somewhat inward waving motion to suggest the pulling of the beam even more instead of their normal behavior when ulting. Also, his W could have some souls trying to either escape from the opening in the ground or trying to pull inside everything that is above the opening. Another idea was having the proc of the passive being the enemy's soul leaving their body (a very brief animation, and also discrete, as to not make a lot of visual pollution during fights). My first concern was that the skins and their visual effects didn't look alike to his existing skins. To accomplished this i first thought of color schemes that would look nice and that weren't already used (basically, no reds, oranges, blues, purples and yellows). Then I thought of visual effects for the abilities that would be unique amongst his skins, and voila, I reached those two concepts that I think are pretty cool. I was mainly concerned with the abilities since that is what feels more important to me whenever i play Vel'Koz (and i play him a lot), so I didn't gave much thought to the actual models of the skins (although no particular ideas came to mind with the little thought that I did give it). Feel free to expand on the concepts, and please do tell me if someone already had similar ideas because I'm too lazy to google search it and I would very much like to see what other people come up with. Edit: If "Creations & Concepts" was the wrong category for the discussion, please do say so, I'm rather new in the boards.
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