An interesting idea came to my mind.

I know that there has been some problems with the current Ban System.Some months back i created a Discussion about it and i said something about Rioters checking some games to find any unsportsmanlike players.It was a terrible idea since it would need a lot of people and it would take a lot of time.Now a better version off that came to my mind.As i know,most of the players that are active on Boards are sportsmanlike people that want to help improve the game(At least as far as i know).So my point is that Riot could make a different section on Boards that players could post a thread with the player they had trouble with,add screenshots,chat messages and videos.Then the players/mods on the Boards could go ahead and upvote/downvote these threads of the unsportmanlike players.That would make it easy on some Rioters to see the top threads(most upvotes) and do some bans from there.Even if you dont like this idea,i want to at least show you my general idea which is the community helping punish all of these unsportsmanlike players!Looking forward on your feedback and your comments.Stay AWESOME! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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