[Practise tool] Unlock all skins?

So I'm 100% sure people before me suggested this but, just in case I'll make this post. Why isn't there an option to try out skins in modes like practise tool, I wouldn't think people would buy skins less if they get to try them for free in a certain game mode where you don't have any real players nor allies to show the skin off too nor actually play the game. I'll list some pros and cons **Pros:** * People could try their ability flow and auto attack animations, there are skins that feel clearer and some that feel worse when playing the game, and it always depends from player to player, having a possibility to test these in this mode would be really cool. * More people might buy certain skins as being able to play a bit around with them might make you more excited to actually have the skin thus try and buy it as soon as you can. * You can see if you actually like the skin, it might look good on videos and in the splash but it doesn't mean you actually enjoy using it, I once bought the Frost nocturne skin (Forgot it's name) and refunded it because I didn't feel comfortable in it. **Cons:** * You could argue you can try skins on PBE, so this idea is useless and will just make people buy less skins, although there is a con inside this con, you need to have PBE updated for that, and some players don't really bother with that. * It might take away from the Hextech "Use this shard for a week" or something like that, since that allows you to test a skin, but in every gamemode. (I'm not sure who uses this tbh) * It could lower certain sales, as players who test skins might not end up liking them and not buying them, but at the same time they'll be glad they got to try it and not waste money. I'm sure there are more good points and bad points about it, I just feel it would be a nice feature to be added to the game, also it would be nice to be able to switch runes and summoner spells during the game to be able to test different rune builds without having to reload every time..
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