[Champion Consept} Irke, The Wild Gardener

I found one of my old champion concept and after reading his lore i liked it and updated him little bit. Heres the result. Im not an artist, this is how i imagined Irke, you are free to design him. English is not my first language, so if i made mistake, you can correct me. http://i.imgur.com/5LowqjE.jpg **Lore** When he was born, he looked like different from his parents. Because Irke had nearly no arms and legs and he had realy big ears compared to his head unlike his kind. His parents shocked when they see him at first. They started to argue about they want him or not. At the end they left him in the jungle and told everyone in tribe their baby died on his birth. Meanwhile, abandoned kid started to cry in the jungle alone. It wasnt a simple baby cry. Irke was screaming for his life. Every creature in the jungle annoyed about this high shrill voice. While all of them were waiting its stop, jungle fairies wanted to see source of it. At first they were thinking to shut it down because Irke was disturbing the tranquility of jungle. When they came near to him, he was still crying. But fairies amazed in front of this little noisy creature. They didnt expected a voice like this could come from a baby.Fairies adopted and grew him up. Irke could barely walk with his tiny legs. One day, he came to near a puddle and saw his reflection on it. He realised, he is not a fairy. After a depression mood, he started to think his family and decided to find them. Searched his kind town to town. Wherever he goes, people grouped around him and argued about what can he be. Some of them liked him, some didnt. In one village, Irke noticed two people who didnt group, but they were looking more suprised and confused. He believed they knew about him. After some conversation, they confessed that they abandoned him. But they didnt accept Irke. He turned to his woods, but didnt go his illusion home. He came to near a cliff, started to think about his past and future. Started crying again, he was questioning the life. He was so desperate, couldnt stop thinking his mothers expression on her face and first words when they met " How did you survive with those ears". Poor guy tought to cut his ears. Meanwhile all the creatures heard the screaming which is same with years ago. Again fairies went to source of the voice, because they knew it is Irke's voice. But this time, they found him little bit different.He was trying to be alike his kind. Irke had bound sticks to his arms and legs,had cutted his one of his ear and was trying to cut another. His face was covered with blood and was looking fairies like " Am i beautiful now". Fairies stopped him and made a deal with, if Irke stopp being mad about his appearance and help Fairies to grow some magical plants they would give him magical power for control plants. They knew, if Irke work on something else he could forget his past keep going. He accepted the offer. Irke was so happy, after earned power he made himself a body from plants, started to use vines as arms and legs. He started to go that puddle again and again. He was loving himself after a long time. A question popped in his head "What about now? Can they like me". He wanted to share this news with his real family. But they refused Irke again. This time Irke lost his control and killed his parents. He started screaming and crying again, he was so enraged. Everyone who heard this screams became deaf for a moment. While he was crying, vines wraped all around and started to shred his parents body. He felt the difference on his plants. They were more powerfull then before. After tasted the power, he wanted more but he didnt like what he did at first. He found a grave, used his vines to open it and tried to feed his new toys with the corpse. It didnt work. Finally he started to hunt people and became power addicted serial killer. He muted his victims and fed his plants and his broken soul. He was getting stronger and stronger, but people learn about him, some rich leaders who suffered from Irkes moves wanted to pay for his head. Head hunters started to chase him for good amount of gold prize. After learned Irke loving jungles, they burnt his home with everything in it. Irke saw the smokes and ran for help to fairies. He was late, his real, real family was gone. He sat there for hours, tought what he did, how he came this point. But end of the day he wanted die so he went where more powerfull opponents are and joined the league of legends. Im not gonna give numbers on his abilities. They are open argument. ------------ **Abilities:** **Previev** Irke works around bushes and harvest them, grow different kind of them in their original places, but bushes are only mini game for Irkes other skills. Irke has only one skill shot "Whipping Vines". This skill interacts with all things enemies, terrain, allies. His all abilities powerfull but he needs to use them wisely. **Passive** (Explanation:He has two passives comes from his main story.) **Big Ear:** Irke can hear sounds of abilities from his right side, enemies who using abilities become visible for short duration. **Unexpected Violence:** Whenever Irke kills an enemy champion, he remembers the day which became a murderer and rage to that day, calls vines and shred the corpse. Enemies near that corpse takes high amount of magic damage from expolosion. Every kill or assist gives Greedy Vines stack. Every "insert number" stack of Greedy Vines increase max stack of Wipping Vines. **Q)Whipping Vines: **( Explanation: His only skill shot, Irke stacks vines and throws them wherever he wants. Important thing to add here is Irke can use bushes to improve vines effects with terrains, allies and enemies. That means he needs to use vines atleast two target for better results.) Irke throws a vine through targeted line and vine sticks first touched unit or terrain. **Bushes:** * Using on healing bushes, heals based amount of missing health in few seconds. * Using on magical bushes, gives camouflage for short duration. Detection range increase based on how far away from bushes. **Enemy:** If Whipping Vines hits the enemy champion, it slows them for short duration. * Healing bushes increase the damage they take for short duration. * Magical bushes stun them for short duration after end of the root. **Terrain: **If vines hit a terrain, it creates a wall of vines between terrain and Irke. they dont let the enemies pass for short duration, wall cannot be targeted but projectiles can broke this wall while they get destroyed too. * Healing bushes gives damage reduction for short duration. * Magical bushes returns damage taken for short duration. **Ally: **If vines hit an ally champion, grabs him near Irke. * Healing bushes transfers healing to ally. * Magical bushes make them camouflage too. **w) Herbalism: **(Explanation: Nothing fancy. Makes bushes healing bushes, and grows magical bushes from harvested healing bushes place.) While in a bush Irke channels for short duration, after channelling it becomes healing bush. Irke can plant magical seeds to fertile fields, magical bushes grow after few minutes. **E) Harvest / Merciful Nature:** (Explanation: He harvest bushes for pollens and gives buffs based on pollens kind. Important thing is, harvesting removes bushes. Another thing is, you can chose x magical pollen, y healer pollen, z normal pollen for your team needs. Ofcourse there is a max pollen limit.) Irke can harvest max "insert number" amount bushes for their pollens and use them as a weapon. Grants himself or one targetted ally a buff like snare,life steal or penetration/lethalithy for short duration based on pollens kind. * If consumed bush is normal, pollen becomes normal : Each normal pollen gives lethality/magic penetration. * If consumed bush is healer, pollen becomes healer and consumed bush left behind **fertile field**: Each healer pollen gives life steal. * If consumed bush is magical, pollen becomes magical: Each magical pollen gives snare for x amount of auto attack with y duration but snare aa lowers damage (inverse ratio between x and y based on how many magical pollen stacks you have ) **R) Fear of Death:**(Explanation: He buffs his allies, and there is an option for shield, attack speed or silence. He can chose max shield but no attack speed or silence or little bit shield, long duration attack speed buff etc.) Irke screams semi-globall range 3 times to buff his allies or debuff his enemies in few seconds. * First scream, all allies in range gains shield each second, shields can stack . * Second scream, can cast 1 sec later then first scream , Allies gains attack speed but dont get shield anymore in remaining seconds , it can increase attack speed cap also. * Third scream, can cast 1 sec later then second scream, silences all enemies in range for short duration, but allies doesnt get buffs anymore. ----- **Game Play** Irke has everthing that adc needs, but he cant give them all at the same time, he needs to chose between them. So he is an adaptive babysitter support. He is weak at open places. He needs his magical bushes or allies to work with. He can set easy ganks, with his gap close, camouflage, he can evade ganks with his walls but he can do all the things if he have enough vines. For example, poke is a good counter of Irke, so he have to use his vines for healing, not enough poke his adc so he have to use 2 vines for healing. Irke starts low amount of vine stack but he gains more and more with the kills and assists he has. He needs to prepare his bushes for fights or ganks, they are strategic elements of Irke and gardening needs patience to be rewarded. Hope you like it.

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