Does Riot even care about our champion concepts?

So recently I was looking for champion ideas in the boards,just to see if there were any cool concepts I could support. I put "champion idea" into the search, and sure enough loads of them came up but then the thought occurred to me "does anyone from riot even read these?" So I ticked "Rioter comment" in the search filter... No one for Riot had responded to any of the ones I could see, so another thought occurred(the title of this post). Why should we even bother to come up with these? I have had ideas but knowing I have close to 0% chance of my champion being actually considered, it just disheartens me. I'm quite a new player, I just started playing ranked for the first time a week ago and I first joined before kindred(actually I think this was the one and only player suggested champ but still, there should be more) was released so maybe I have no right to say any thing. I'm inexperienced so perhaps I have no idea what I'm talking about but it seems like Riot doesn't care what their own players want in the game. I wanted to post my ideas but I guess I can't because they'll never get through. Can someone clear this situation up for me? I'd like to see what you guys think
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