Bydron, The Mycobeast * **P: Spore Sac** Every X seconds, Bydron's next basic instead causes him to lob a spore sac from his "tail" at a target enemy (though it can be dodged). The spore sac deals initial magic damage and then persists for 5 seconds, dealing X magic damage every .5 seconds and afflicting nearby enemies with Infection. **Infection** Enemies inflicted with infection take magic damage over time for 3 seconds, and deal half of that to any other nearby enemies within a short range. * **Q: Mycolasher:** Bydron fires a trail of mycelium across the ground in a straight line, dealing magic damage and *revealing* enemies for 3 seconds. If Mycolasher impacts an *infected* enemy, they are rooted for 1.25 seconds. * **W: Dispersal** **Passive: Fruiting Body:** Upon applying any form of hard CC on an enemy champion, Bydron gains a *fruiting body* for 30 seconds (max 4) that give his basic attacks bonus range and magic damage per stack. **Active: Dispersal:** Bydron can launch one of his *fruiting bodies* as a projectile, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and stunning *infected* enemies for 1 second. * **E: Fungal Propagation:** Bydron grows a Spore Sac at a target location. After 1.5 seconds, bydron can recast Fungal Propagation to dash (like maokai w) to the targeted spore sac. Second cast also interacts with passive Spore Sacs. * **R: Spore Surge:** **Passive: Overgrowth:** Enemies afflicted with *infection* whose rings of DoT overlap for 1 second, they both become rooted for 1.5 seconds. Can only occur on afflicted champions every 20 seconds. **active** Bydron channels for 1 second, then infects the area in a large circle around him, applying *infected*. After an additional .5 seconds an enormous ring of mushrooms sprout from the ground, acting as terrain. The terrain persists for 5 seconds, during which time enemies inside the ring take magic damage over time that heals Bydron for a percentage of the damage dealt.

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