Is your highlights section full of replays of you instakilling left and right? Why not share?

I'm thinking about doing something among the lines of a "1 shot" highlight video. Not original and done a million times before but I'd like to create some as well. My idea is to make some hype videos of one shots (maybe even some "outskilled" plays) and highlight some rare moments that you don't see every game. If you have any such videos in which you 100 to 0 someone (or some many) allowing no counter play whatsoever then feel free to send them in and who knows, you might just be a undiscovered talent. Instructions to submit your replay below: You can find your replay in your Documents/League of Legends/Replays Send in an attachment with you replay to mentioning the exact ingame time (mm/ss) where the play takes place. Title should be [Summoner Name] [Champion] [Rank] [Region/Server] [Your Country] [Time mm/ss that your play took place at]. (this method only works for replays who took place during the current patch) Or open your replay, record your play and send it in as a video (just remember to disable your HUD before recording) Title should be the same as mentioned above. Right now I'm thinking of highlighting only 5 - 10 plays that I consider are the most worth sharing. And that's about it. I'll be making a new post when the video is done. Good luck and happy new year to y'all {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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