[Champion Concept] Natash - The Reaver

Hey guys, I made a champion concepf for an adc called Natash. His concept is inspired by threshs weapon. Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section. Note: I'm no native speaker (ingore small mistakes pls). ________________ **Natash The reaver** **Lore:** When the Harrowing comes there are only few options: Run, fight or die. The people of Bilgewater know that and are prepared for the horrors that may come to their city. Mighty defenders lead by Illaoi, the high priestress of Nagakeburos, are trained to keep the undead at bay. But even the strongest of them can't resist. Even the ones who fought the horrors for ages fall at one point exhausted by the endless hordes attacking them. Natash was one of the strongest warriors in Bilgewater. He was born in Ionia and settled over to the pirate habour after his mother got killed by the undead. He was master of the Kurasigama and even managed to wield 2 of those weapons at once. After years and years he send thousands of undead back to their graves adn was famous in bilgewater for his fightskills. But one Harrowing after he just sliced his path through a horde of mistwalkers he heard a familiar voice in the shades. He looked around searching for the speaker. Then he saw her, his mother. He ran in her direction to hug her but he soon realised that her shilouette was made out of the same black mist the other gohst where made of. "Natash, my son." She said with a sad smile. "Mother... what happened to you?" Natash said while tears ran over his face. "I'm hear to release you, my son." "Release me? From what." "Your useless burden. Your endless fight. Don't you see it?" "What do you mean? I'm fighting for the living, for the people of this city, and against the horror of the Harrowing!" "Everything dies one time. I died, you will die and the people you fight for will die one day. In the end everything joins us. Everybody will be a part of the black mist. It doesn't matter how strong or how long you resist if it's only a question of time untill your fall!" This was the moment when Natash breathed in the black mist in the deadly embrance of his mother. He saw the truth, he was enlighned by death and ... died. His body fell down on the street while his gohst still layed in his mothers arms. This should have been the end. But there is no end in the Harrowing. Martas, one of the sons of the great serpent, ran down the street. All around him where people fighting against the gohsts. He released a Banshee that tried to embrace him with his mace. Her skinny body vanished into the mist that came over the whole city. He looked around in one of the few peacefull moments on battle to take an overview over the street. Then he saw the dead body laying in the middle of a square. He couldn't believe his eyes when he went closer. Natash one of his oldest friends and mates in battle was laying dead on the ground. he expelled the few shemes that floated around his friend and sank down on his knees. He put the shroud on Natash's face so that the black mist can't infuse him. Then, when he was finished tieing the shroud arount the neck of his friend he realised that something was wrong. Natash's heart didn't beat but his eyes did. then the shroud bursted and formed a horrifying grimace while unholy blue light shined through his body. Martas stepped away from his old friend who kneeled on the ground while screaming ghosts flew around his body. Then everything was silent. There was no sound exept for the crazy laugh of Natash. He swang around his Kurasigamas and disarmed Martas in a blink of a second. The second blade piled into his chest. Martas screamed in horror while he was infused by the black mist and joined the undead creatures he fought against just a minute before. Natash laughted and went on reaping the defenders and citisens of Bilgwater. Tonight noone was save and nobody would escape Natash's fury. The Harrowing now truly began. ____________________ **Look:** Imagine Soul reaver draven with two Kurasigamas that are very similar to Threshs weapon. He has a shroud around his head with a smiling horrifying grimace in it. His whole body is burning in blue fire. A picture may follow on request if i find the time for it. ________________ **Base stats:** Health: 570 - 1952 Health regeneration: 6 - 18 Mana: 360 - 1025 Mana regeneration: 8 - 19 Attack damage: 60 - 110 Attack speed: 0.6 (0% - 45%) Attack Range: 450 Armor: 25 - 80 Magic resist: 30 Movement speed: 340 _________________ **Abilitys:** **Passive - Reaping Fury** Natash's range increases by 15 units per auto attack up to 150 bonus range. His abilitys apply grieveous wounds for 4 seconds if the target is below 40% health. **Q - Brutal thresh** 50/55/60/65/70 mana 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 sec cooldown Natash threshes with one Kurasigamas to the ground dealing 120/140/160/180/200 (+40% AD) damage to all enemys at the target location. Then he pulls back his Kurasigamas dealing 20% of the damage to all enemys between him and the target location. Range 450 (+100% bonus range from reaping fury). He regenerates 2% missing health for every enemy champion hit (does not apply on the pullback). You aren'r able to use one Kurasigama during the 1 second cast time. This ability stacks up to 2 times. **W - Double wielding** Passive: Natashs attack speed is doubled. His basic attacks deal only 55/57.5/60/62.5/65% of his AD. His movement speed is increased by 30/35/40/45/50% while attacking. **E - Soul chain** 70/85/80/85/90 mana 15/14.5/14/13.5/13 sec cooldown Natash throws out one of his Kurasigamas in one direction that rams into the first enemy hit. It deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+50% AD) phisical damage, slows the target by 30/35/40/45/50% (decays over the duration) and grounds it for 3 seconds. Range 500 (+80% bonus range from reaping fury). When the duration is over or Natash reactivates this ability to pull the target 100 8+50% bonus range from reaping fury) units in his direction and slow the target again by 30/35/40/45/50% (decays over time) for 1.5 seconds. Natash isn't able to use his second Kurasigama during the duration. This means, that his W and the second Q charge is disabled and the damage of his R is decreased by 50%. **R - Marrow reaver** 100 mana 110/90/70 sec cooldown Natash gets 50/70/90% tenacity and swings his Kurasigamas around for 3/3.5/4 seconds. He deals 30/60/90 (+90% AD) phisical damage per second to all enemys around him. Range 400 (+100% bonus range from reaping fury) He regenerates 3% missing health every second for every enemy champion hit. If he gets stunned the tenacity still applies but the ability is canceled. _____________ **Playstyle:** Natash is an adc who is able to survive through his healing on his Q and R even if hes in the middle of a teamfight. His positioning id different from other immobile adcs such as draven, kog'maw or jinx who have to stay in the backline. in teamfights he is close to the frontline to hit his R on alot of enemys while the rest of the frontline protects him of CC. In the end of the teamfight after he used his R and Qs he build up enough range and movement speed to build the backline again and go on dealing damage with his crazy attackspeed. With hie E he can lock on targets to ground them and keep them in his range so that he can kill it with his team. ___________ **Skins:** **1. Infernal Natash** His body is burning and his head is a burning mask. He has two chainspheres with burning coals in it that leave a smoke and fire trail hile attacking. **2. Blood moon Natash** His weapons are very similar to bloodmoon Thresh's and he has a horrifying mask in bloodmoon style. There are way more blood particles on his attacks. **3. Pumpkinhead Natash** He has a black coat and a burning pumpkin over his head.
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