Tsume, the Incarnation of Fear (Champion Concept) (Assasin)

Tsume the Incarnation of Fear Role: Assassin Description: Can efficiently catch enemies off-guard and then duel them safely due to crowd control. He can also confuse the hell out of his enemies. Appearance: Tsume looks like a bigger dark lizard with evil red eyes and a spiralling tail. He stands onfour legs and he gains wings and starts to fly while invisble. Pros: Slightly high damage Huge crowd control High mobility Confusion Cons: Very Squishy Easy if your team has wards Bad aginst many knock-ups/stuns. Passive (Dark Birth): Tsume uses "Darkness" as his resource. Tsume gains 2 Darkness each second. That number rises by 100% while Tsume is invisible, has gotten a kill or assist recently or is near enemies. Tsume can have up to a max of 100 Darkness. Everytime Tsume upgrades his ult, he gains 1 more Darkness per second. Q (Swift and Unseen): Tsume becomes invisble for 2 seconds. While invisble, Tsume gains a skillshot that he can aim around. If you activate Q again or the time of invisibility expires, Tsume will jump forward dealing damage to all enemies hit and giving Tsume a shield that consumes 10% of his health that decreases by 1% every 0.5 seconds. (Costs 10/12/12/15/18 Darkness) W (Haunting Clone): Tsume creates a clone of himself for 8 seconds that you can move around by reactivating this ability. The clone copies all of the attacks you do including basic attacks. The clone starts at the same health as Tsume has currently. When the clone dies or expires, it fears all enemies near Tsume and the clone for 1.5 seconds. (Costs 20/20/22/25/25 Darkness. E (Dark Senses): Passive: Tsume can see all nearby enemy wards and invisble units. This radius increases by 100% if Tsume is invisble. Active: Tsume jumps a slightly short distance dealing damage to all units nearby when he lands and fearing them for 2 seconds. While jumping, Tsume is invisble so the enemies can't see if he jumped or not. The cooldown on this ability is reduced by 12% for each nearby enemy champion. (Costs 6/7/8/9/8) R (Kuraidesu): Tsume becomes invisble for 2 seconds, while invisble he summons two clones of himself who move alongside with Tsume and copy his abilities and attacks for 5 seconds. When the clones expire, Tsume jumps to where he started this ability dealing damage and fearing all enemies nearby. Please leave comments on what you think about this champion and tips for me :)

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