Can we hope for a reforge of the queues for season 10 ? (vote and debate)

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Hi all and welcome, Riot recently shown signs of being aware of the problem regarding their matchmaking and how could they not be since it is by far the thing people complains most about (even Faker in the link) followed by toxicity, balance and hitboxes. And imo toxicity and balance are problems that would feel a lot smaller with a better matchmaking since people would have less reasons to rage about their team and a player would have less chances to solo lose a game while laning vs a broken champ. I think it is safe to assume that Riot decided to seriously adress this problem as a priority after seing them trying to create clash in S8 and the positional ranking in S9 and even if both attempt failed they will certainly try something new again. The question i'd like to discuss with you now is what ? how ? and when ? For my part i would love them to put the team aspect of the game on the main stage and let soloQ be more of a training or looking for a team mode. But at the very least drop the algorithm that makes us have 10 easy games followed by 10 hard games into a no ending cycle, anyless than that and i'll start looking for a bot to play the losing streaks so i don't waste time on it x). They could actualy use clubs that are atm pretty useless exept for having a tag and use them as a guilds/clubs that would manage many teams at different levels that players could join to be part of one of the teams. Therefore the main queue of the game would become a sort of Flex/Guild's clash with a ladder to climb and rewards to earn for the guild and the players. When else but the 10th season to create such a hyper change ? (don't tell me you wasn't hype for clash ;) No need to mention one of the countless exemples of soloQ games showing that the more it goes the more it seems to be needed asap ... Thanks for reading and please do vote then share your own ideas with me.
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