[Champion Concept] Ste'Ven, The Void Bloke

**lore** Ste'ven was born in Manchester in 1972. He experienced a near-death experience at a young age, by choking on a Mr Freeze Freezepop. He left school with a single GCSE in History at grade E. Until Ricky Gervais researched and subsequently announced it during a radio show, Ste'ven was not aware of any of his GCSE grades, and was not even aware he had taken History as subject. He moved to London from Manchester to work with XFM as a producer, at one point unintentionally causing Gail Porter to leave the station in tears after only one show by criticising her performance, which Ste'ven maintains was an attempt to encourage her to improve.[6] After several years he began work on The Ricky Gervais Show, broadcast on Saturday afternoons. Initially Ste'ven was solely the programme's producer. As Gervais and Merchant began to invite him to make the odd comment, Ste'ven's persona came to light and his popularity increased. Ste'ven was eventually included as a main element of the broadcasts, with large amounts of airtime often given over to his thoughts on various subjects, or various childhood stories. In December 2005, Ste'ven stood in for two BBC 6 Music shows for Nemone, and co-presented the shows with Brand. **abilities** **Passive: Weird Facts** * Ste'ven has a chance of collecting weird facts from killing minions/monsters. After collecting 25 facts, Ste'ven transforms into a manc twat, gaining and access to his ultimate ability and gaining +20%AP for 15 seconds. * Additionally, basic attacks against champions apply stacks of *weird deformity* , up to 5 stacks. stacks rapidly decay after 4 seconds. **Q: Moan** (10/9/8/7/6) second cooldown * Ste'ven moans about something in a cone, dealing (60/90/120/150/180 + (.6AP)magic damage and slowing enemies hit by (15/22.5/30/37.5/45%) for 2 seconds. Enemies afflicted with 5 stacks of *Weird Deformity* are stunned instead of slowed for 2 seconds. **W: Passive** (18/17/16/15/14) second cooldown * Ste'ven passively gives weird facts to nearby allies, increasing their health regeneration by 200% Active: * Ste'ven channels while browsing the internet for weird facts for up to 4 seconds, healing (40/60/80/100/120 + (30%AP). During this time he also finds (5/6/7/8/9) weird facts. **E: Head like a fucking orange** (13/12/11/10/9) second cooldown * Ste'ven's head is so round and shiny, he reflects blinding light in a straight line, dealing magic damage and stunning all enemies hit for (1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25) seconds. Also applies 3 stack **R: Monkey News** (135/120/105) second cooldown * Ste'ven channels the newest episode of Monkey News while in manc twat form for 3 seconds, then summons an onslaught of bonobos in a wide, straight line. All enemies inside the ability are ravaged by apes, taking (300/400/500+(.5AP) physical damage and slowing them by 30% for (1/1.5/2) seconds. All enemies hit have 5 stacks of *Weird Deformity* applied. Release skin: Definitely Not Karl Pilkington

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