BO vs OE?

Hello! I've been thinking out loud and i bet there is a lot of other in League community who is burning in with Blue Essences thesedays, after been obtaining every single champion ( Might even been it since season 5 or season 6 ) when it also still was Influence Points. Anyways! Here's my thought. The loot box system is a nice idea however.. Obtaining a lot of skinshards, but really little chance for OE. My thought is that in the future, perhaps BE could be used for buying OE eventually at some point? e.g 10.000-15.000BE vs 1000 OE ? I'm aware that OE has a higher value and BE is easily obtained, but it still takes some time to reach those 10.000-15.000BE without boost and selling Champion Shards. I am also aware that Emporium is active atm. But if still burning in with tons of BE. Then it kind of becoming no use and just stocking up for no good. So I would like to hear if there are other who like the idea, so maybe could be a reality at some point? Best Regards Sun
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