Introducing Chun, The Runechild

* **Please note:** I make these purely for fun, and are probably in no way balanced or non-toxic. [**CONCEPT ART HERE**]( (yes the background is from the runic skarner splash, im bad at drawing lol) **Lore** Is a work in progress, I will post when it is finished, but I am not a particularly good writer, so any ideas are appreciated :) **ABILITIES** * **passive - Guardian's Aspect** Chun carries powerful runes that empower her allies. She can earn *ancient runes* from leveling up her *ultimate*. There are 3 runes that each emit a powerful aura to help her allies. * Rune of Mainstay - Grants 15% bonus Ar/Mr * Rune of Empowerment - Grants 10% bonus AP/AD * Rune of Voracity - Grants 20% lifesteal and 10% spellvamp * **Q: Kinetic Rune** (low mana) (medium-low cooldown) Chun launches a runic stone at high speed, the rune travels in a straight line and explodes in a small area upon reaching the end of its path or hitting terrain. Enemies hit take magic damage, and enemies caught in the explosion are stunned for 1 second. * **W** (Medium Mana) (Medium Cooldown) **Passive: Empyreal** Chun ignores all *unit collision* and has 6% bonus movement speed **Active: Healing Rune** Chun surrounds herself or an ally in healing runes, instantly healing for a small amount, then healing for half that over 2 seconds. * **E: Shrouded Rune** (medium Mana) (Medium-High Cooldown) *Ally or self-cast* - grants *stealth* for 1.5 seconds. *enemy cast* - applies *nearsight* for 1.5 seconds * **R: Rune of Reprisal** (150 mana) (High-end Ultimate Cooldown Chun casts for 1.5 seconds, creating a giant runestone at a target location to protect her allies. All enemy *projectiles* that hit the runestone are absorbed. After 4 seconds, Chun can reactivate the ability on herself or an ally to summon *The Guardian*. If chun does not reactivate the ability, the runestone will explode after 8 seconds, dealing magic damage scaling with the amount of damage that it absorbed. The guardian stays near the selected ally, occasionally granting a shield, and granting the ally bonus damage, scaling with the amount of damage the runestone absorbed. The guardian **will** attack nearby enemy champions, dealing a small amount of physical damage. The guardian has 1000/1750/2500 hp and has 80% of the host's resistances. * **release skins** Perhaps *Eternum* or *Glacial* , both could be 1350rp * **Personailty/Character** Chun is runic guardian, she has a highly supportive role and is unlikely to succeed in other lanes. She is based around using her runes to buff and protect allies, thus allowing them to become fed. She can use items such as ardent censor, talisman of ascension and mikael's crucible to further help allies get the edge. Her voice lines would mainly be centered around protecting life etc, (similar to soraka's, i guess)
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