Strawberry Jinx Concept Skin

Strawberry Jinx Skin Concept Rough Sketch
not brilliant but its a rough sketch Strawberry Jinx Skin Concept Rough Sketch
My friend Drakorre had the idea of this skin I just atempted to draw it not the best drawing but I gave her a single braid and a mixture of red and pink in her braid I figured seeing as she already has skins with red/pink hair that maybe mixing them together into a single braid would keep it thresh {{champion:412}} but they could also do it kind of harley quinn style where one braid is pink and the other red, gave her a green fringe to represent the leafy part of a strawberry that sits on top attached the the vine, her chompers are two strawberry tied together with their vine to alow them to chomp together, she has a green belt and other green accents to her shorts, gloves and over the knee socks which are mainly white (excluding the shorts which are red with pink/green pockets), she has red lipstick and eye shadow along with pink blush and green eyes, some vine like jewellery such as a choker there wasnt enough room on the page to draw shoes but I figured she could have perhaps white and red/pink trainers or ankle boots. Hope you like the idea. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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