The future of custom skins?

RIOT putting an end to custom skins? (INTERVIEW)
RIOT are making changes that threaten an entire community of League of Legends.
So I kinda want to start a discussion about the future of custom skins. After watching "RossBoomSocks" video about riot putting an end to custom skins I hoped to get a good response from a riot employee on this matter and having a open discussion about it with the community and get it more into the light. My main question is "why ending it?" I see from the business perspective of it,but thinking of the amount of work put into this (something riot should know themselves). I also get that some skins are made with "benefits" which goes against terms of service something that got banned from wooxy pretty fast and doesn't fit in with the competitive part. So are riot generally against the small ability of customization? I myself is not using custom skins much mostly on the hud cuz I like to have something "personal". So community what are your opinions?
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