Soraka,the Starchild - Rework/Update

**Today im going to present you Rework/Update of Soraka** _I have been thinking about this for a while and how she will fit in the current meta I think that her abilities will fit the current meta perfect_ We have to start with the passive: The passive is a great tool to help your teammates and this will remain unchanged The only thing that is going to be changed is the animation **Animation fix** - When your teammate is far ahead and low on health (**Soraka starts to fly towards them**) _**The colour will be different on some skins**_ Q - **Comet Strike** - Soraka points with her scepter to a position marking the ground in red colour then after some time a comet strikes the ground and explodes in white dealing damage and slowing enemies in area. - _The Comet moves faster than the current ability that Soraka has_ + Ability cast range is expanded a little bit W - **Astral Influsion** - Soraka stretches her scepter and *constantly* heals an ally while loosing health. On level 14 - Targets with 20% or lower HP receive more healing E - **Supernova Explosion** - Soraka streches her scepter and calls for a falling star. The star reaches slowly to her and then explodes silencing and damaging all enemies around her. - On later levels the star falls faster R - **Celestial Healing** - Heals and removes debuffs for a single champion. The healing is stronger when the champion is 40% Health
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