Limited edition Borders price is a joke

Don't get me wrong, I understand the work behind skins and stuff I just feel like the price of a border is WAY too expensive. It usually cost the price of all the free tokens we can get from an events (here we can grind 300, and the border price is 250) With 250 we can buy 25 key fragments, wich are worh 125/3 (roughly 42 RP each) so that 1050RP of value for a border that we will only see in the loading. While with 300 You can actually have a skin variation that look really nice and that you will be able to see and enjoy the whole game. I do think the border and the chroma should come together, it's only in my eyes, but thats only a .png border that at best i'll see for 30 seconds for a model recolorised that I will see the whole game.

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