Pool Party Gragas and Corki [Suggestion]

1. Pool Party Gragas. He holds a big blue water balloon. He is dressed with red and white striped swimming suit. When he uses Q, he throws his water balloon. The balloon becomes red with the damage and slow increase. When he uses W, he inflates the balloon with air. His E has the same visual effect. His R now has big water explosion. 2. Pool Party Corki. He is on a big flying duck float ring. It flies because it is letting air out from its back. Corki's AAs are small water blasts. His Q is throwing a water balloon that explodes in water. When he uses W, he flies, leaving a water trail. His E is throwing a lot of really small water blasts. His R is throwing rocket like duck (like urfrider corki throws manatee rockets). His passive leaves in the base special delivery with lebel 'oxygen'. Sorry for my bad English, im not good in speaking it and i had to do that fast.
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