Ur 1st champ with the most points on ur profile as BADGE as ranks on the Boards?

What if you guys at Riot would add a feature like "when u go with cursor on one of the names here on boards" you'd be able to show your highest ranked champ by points collected or highest lvl (champ u have on the 1st place on ur profile) like having the most points with certain champ each season, u know just like with ranks u do here, and in addition u would just add the champion here or maybe skin of that if u own it Like I have the most points with Rengar, and I'd have a LVL7 rengar as badge near the name (as ranks of each seasons~) and with each season it would get reset, and then like next season if i went with Bard being on the 1st place with the most points, then he would took the place of rengar as the badge here so people would knew what u actually main =P and it would be cool to show off cmon rito u can do it {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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