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Ok, it's not a secret anymore that RIOT is doing NOTHING to balance the players' skills in the first divisions, smurfing with a friend, buying high-level accounts, trolling... I know it's difficult to do something to prevent this kind of actions but I got some cool features that might help in the future : 1. If an ally teammate chooses a champion then it cannot be banned or the player who bans him will get LP penalty. 2. Sometimes remake will not work even when there is an AFK player and sometimes for unknown reasons, your teammates will refuse to remake even if the AFK player is not premade with anyone, and that really happened to me, so an auto-remake should be added to the game. 3. Players with two or more division difference cannot play together ranked matches. 4. Players with chat restriction or any other kind of penalties should play with and against each other, to prevent negative attitudes to propagate, just like zombies. 5. LP win/loss will also depend on the player behavior during the match, KDA score, and teammates opinion (bonus), of course this one is a little bit tricky because there is many champions, many classes, and many other factors, but it's not difficult (I think).
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