Champion Idea: Alien, The Ayyy lmao.

This champion is a green little alien, probably going support and all of his lines are "Ayyyy lmao" (For obvious reasons) Passive: Every 30 seconds the Alien drops a sick meme that when picked up change his spells and give them different effects. Types of Meme: DJ Khaled, Ayyyy lmao, 4chan posts, Chuck Norris jokes, SoFlo and random memes. Ayyyy lmao: Increases the previous memes power by 100% Chuck Norris jokes stun you and you lose 50% of your max hp Random memes give random permanent bonus, picking up 2 of the same random memes destroys all the positive bonuses you already got, including Ayyy lmao bonus. Q: If picked up DJ Khaled: "You smart": Cast on an ally. the ally gains increased crit chance and MS If picked up 4chan posts: "/b": The enemy is disgusted and runs in fear. If picked up SoFlo: "Steal content" Steals the Q spell of the champion you targeted.(Can work on friendly champions) W: If picked up DJ Khaled: "You loyal": Cast on ally. The ally gets all his stats increased the closer he is to Alien. If picked up 4chan: "Funny post":AoE cast on Ally. The ally laughs his ass off getting slowed for 10% and after that increasing all allies AS by 100% If picked up SoFlo: "Cover Up": Covers up the fact that you stole the spell by blaming the champion you stole the spell from allowing him to take friendly damage. E: If picked up DJ Khaled:"You genius": Cast on ally. The ally gets increased AP/AD Along with the crit chance. If picked up 4chan:"Rick Rolled": Cast on yourself. Whenever the enemy attacks you go in stealth leaving behind you a dancing Rick along with the music. If picked up SoFlo:"Sue" Sues the champion that the spell has been taken from, taking his gold along with his E abillity. R: If picked up Dj Khaled:"Another one": Drops the last meme the Alien spawned. Short Cooldown If picked up 4chan:"Based God": Cast on yourself. You become a Based God. Dropping all kinds of random memes and completly ignoring the negative effects of them, also increases the chance of getting Ayyy lmao by 50%. If picked up by SoFlo:"Complete theft": Takes all the spell from 1 champion and stuns him. The key to this champion is that you need to time your memes accordingly and make the greatest usage of Ayyy lmao and random memes without ruining the bonus, effectivly stacking the crit chance bonuses to high where even at lvl 6 you could get your ADc to achieve 100% and that is what I believe compensates for the lack of CC in his kit. Will write in more detail if there are interested people.
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