Akali W (Twilight shroud)

Hi, am i the only one or is there more ppl who think that akali has an ultimate hack ability as her w ? Riot has allways been talking about not wanting toxic gameplay when making/reworking/balancing champions! Even tho there is many champions with toxic gameplay and im not saying that her whole kit isnt toxic but thats not what im worried about! Akali w in my opinion is a cheat in league of legends! it totally removes all meaning behind turrets! Like what comes next ? Nasus w can cansel turrets? why do turrets even exist anymore ? with a little gameplay every assassin can ignore turrets every tank or bruizer can ignore turrets! RIOT lets just remove turrets all together and make inhibs indestructable till 20 min? Riot is talking about not wanting toxic gameplay but still makes champs that lough in turret's faces since lvl 2? Whats even the point anymore?
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